Revisiting a class assignment from 2016 with new ambition and skills to revise, revamp, and ultimately expand a project into something more interesting than it was is always a fun opportunity.
With the idea of expansion in mind, I took my old Violent Femmes fictional album, House of Cards, and redesigned the base assets in the cards themselves as well as the house of cards on the front of the album. After getting the basic design elements down, and revamping some of the existing products (the initial album and the posters, respectively), I started to expand the concept into two parts: a limited edition "pre-order" bundle and general merchandise. 
This upload showcases the pre-order exclusives for House of Cards: 
• a gatefold album jacket with an alternate design that features a collapsing house of cards on the outside cover, and a cascade of cards reminiscent of a digital Solitaire victory on the inside cover
• a sublimation tee shirt with a piled mess of the cards used throughout the project
• a deck of cards with graphics seen throughout the project that also reference the song "Kiss Off" 
• and some buttons that tie back in with card and album graphics

Please see the general merchandise designs here:  Violent Femmes "House of Cards" 
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