Mai Valentine, from Yu-Gi-Oh!, redesigned in the style of Pokémon as a Gym Leader!  Below is a bonus piece done as a commission for a friend of Joey Wheeler, from Yu-Gi-Oh!, as a trainer, as well. 
A sketch of Mai Valentine (Yu-Gi-Oh!) to celebrate one year running a blog dedicated to her.
A sketch of Mai Valentine (Yu-Gi-Oh!) and Nicholas Wolfood (Trigun) sitting together as inspired by a conversation with a friend.
A dynamic, colorful sketch of Mai Valentine (Yu-Gi-Oh!) dressed as her own Cyber Harpie.
A sketch of Mai Valentine (Yu-Gi-Oh!) as a Trigun-inspired bounty hunter.
A sketch of a model in a red, couture gown heavily-inspired by the Rami Kadi Fall-Winter 2016-2017 Capsule Collection.
A looser sketch of some of the Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonists and antagonists in order to parody the famous Ramones Ramones album cover.
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