Running Parallel is a fictional album and small system that I designed with the real life band Maxïmo Park in mind. This personal project is an exercise in minimalistic perspective illustration and design. The architectural inspiration comes from Tokyo, Japan, and that also inspired the use of the Japanese katakana and kanji text (each instance translating simply, and poetically to "Maxïmo Park," "Running Parallel," and "V2 Recording Company") within the environment to make it truly reminiscent of the location. The whole project is definitely conceptual in nature considering that the music doesn't exist. Well, not really. The track list comes from the lyrics of "When I Was Wild" by Maxïmo Park.​​​​​​​
Featured system elements include:
• three individual architectural illustrations
• a jewel case (preferred over a digi-pak for its cleanliness and design related structure) with front and back covers
• a ten page booklet for lyrics and credits
• a promotional poster
• a tee shirt
• a general social media presence with visuals as used on Twitter
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