The Nighton Tarot collection was a project I enjoyed so much! This was designed for Tina Dayton's upcoming collection on launching on Friday, March 15! 
I was provided notes about a few tarot-inspired concepts revolving around Night, Day, a tree and its roots, and the cycles of the sun and moon! I was also directed stylistically toward a minimalistic line illustration. It came out so beautifully, and I'm so excited to see the illustrations in the online store.
NOTE: The graphic above is just a mockup to display my work. If you're interested in what the designs are actually printed on and available for sale, be sure to check the website at launch, or follow @TinaDayton and @FrameRateMerch on Twitter for more information!
The screenshot below I grabbed from Tina's Twitter page. Be sure to check them out for more information in regards to the products and launch <3

Helpful links:
Thank you again for letting me work with you to create these designs! It was so much fun!
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