My design and animation contribution to the video can be seen below.
Every business and corporation needs to advertise itself in order to garner attention, whether that’s selling a product, marketing a brand, or anything to that degree. This does not exclude non-profit organizations who need advertising in order to maintain its outreach and bring in donations among other interested parties.
With this in mind, the class was separated into groups. Each group needed to assign leads for the project, design, animation, and production. Within these groups, we were tasked to choose any non-profit organization to “work” with to design a 60 second motion graphic that would double as an ad.
The group I was a part of selected Music Unites, one of the leading charity organizations when it comes to the support of music education across the world. They work to empower children through donations from individuals, foundation partners, organization events, and music education projects.
After some research, we selected four functions of Music Unites that felt like the largest and most important aspects of the organization to focus on: their workshops, choir programs, fundraisers, and the concerts they put on nationally to benefit the organization.
In the animation, these separate functions are organized and illustrated within a representative color scheme. The workshops section is blue, a color taken from relative materials and themes seen in sound-proofing materials and classrooms. The choir programs section is red, a color taken from the common sight of red, velvety curtains on stage. The fundraising section is green, a color that relates back to money and other financial gain. The concerts section is yellow, a color that’s bright and fun, reminiscent of stage lighting and decoration. 
Since there were four of us, and four sections, we divided the work evenly amongst ourselves, then had the animation lead stitch the pieces together to make the full video as its displayed here.
Destiny Phillips
Production Lead
Designed & Animated Workshops Section
Alyssa Oliver
Design Lead
Designed & Animated Choir Programs Section
Jennifer Soria 
Animation Lead
Designed & Animated Fundraising Section
Justice Crisp
Project Lead
Designed & Animated Concerts Section
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