The Motion Literature Collection is a film collection with the premise of "good films based on good novels." With no limit on genre, or decade, I've decided to represent the collection with three films only related by the fact that they are all both cinematically and literarily incredible.

The illustration style for the DVDs and their matching "collectible" posters are loose and scribbly to allude back to the book element of the stories while also existing as something that stands out from the kind of pretentious film collection that someone might expect from this. They are also made using a monotone color palette with a color that suits the content of the film. (Gone With the Wind is orange due to the prevalence of sunset scenes, feminine power and struggle, and war; Silence of the Lambs is brown due to the reference to the classic moth, decaying skin, and leather masks; Lord of the Rings is green since it's the Fellowship of the Ring, the start of the journey and the opening to a fantastic, perilous adventure.)

The name Motion Literature came about because of the mnemonic reference to "motion pictures" that also combines films and novels in a clever, memorable way. The logo is a simple type-based logo with small illustrative elements that relate to books and films on a shelf.

The Motion Literature Collection would prioritize Instagram in regards to social media due to their primary audience being young, hipster-esque millennials. The style of the collection illustrations and content as well as social marketing is a hopeful attempt at enticing the modern youth back into classic media. 
See the poster illustrations below!
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