"Whispers" is a fictional EP by the fictional artist, X Neue. 
It all started with an illustration I did as a gift for a friend of one of his original characters that he uses in his creative writing: a stylized vector portrait with anatomic foundations that were inspired by the shape of model's Laurin Krausz's face and combined with invented characteristics based upon this friend's written character design. 
In order to incorporate the work smoothly into my portfolio, I thought it'd make for a great exercise in another album campaign, this time prioritizing a digipak style of packaging, so I invented "Whispers" by X Neue. For the campaign, I've designed a complete digipak album, CD, and lyrics booklet as well as a couple of t-shirt variations, a YouTube presence, and a little "album reveal" motion graphic.
I used Illustrator to create the portrait and used an embossing label maker for the headers (scanned and applied with Photoshop) to give a realistic, but also grungy effect to some of the typography to contrast the clean graphics seen throughout the design.
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