Opera is an age-old theatric art. Because of this, it’s uncommon to see young, modern audiences in attendance. With a music and theater styling that tends to clash with the ever-changing world around it, opera often falls on deaf young ears. 
With that in mind, I’ve decided to take the Houston Grand Opera upcoming 2018–2019 season and turn its graphic promotions into something abstract, unexpected, and unforgettable without sacrificing too much information about the performances and without sacrificing attractiveness. I wanted to attract a younger, millennial audience to the opera, and to do that, I thought something eye-catching and strange, and sometimes obstructive would do the trick. 
By using abstract typography—directly inspired by the Wortham Theater Center’s architecture—to both catch the attention of an onlooker while also enticing them to look up the parts that can’t be read on the poster, I hope to tap into the current and next generation’s curiosity in a way that may revitalize this old, incredible theatrics and help launch it into the new era.
Below is a screenshot of a bit of process and inspiration (including the photos of the theater that inspired the shapes of the typography).
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