Now that I've graduated university, and now that I'm looking for a real job, I thought it would be fun to update my presence online. I have been using the same type of sans serif next to my little logo since my first iteration of the AO/anarchy mark back in high school. 
While the mark kept updating, not much else did. I knew I wanted a nice script to use as I think they're quite refreshing in their commonality and pretty simplicity. I also knew I didn't want to hunt down the perfect typeface, which meant I was left writing it out myself and then tweaking it in Illustrator. The process left me with something softer and a little more feminine to represent myself and my style. The text is personalized and clean, the logo is still vibrant, and the whole vibe is simply very me. I'm happy.
Sound effects in the motion graphic sampled from users InspectorJ, Cabeeno Rossley, and Gareth_H
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